Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tagged Too!

Ok, I too have been tagged, by crazyseoulsister. However will I limit myself to only 5 weird things about myself?

I am happiest when I have found a new CD I love and will play it every day in my car for 2 months. I will bring it in to my sewing room and listen to it there, bring it up to the kitchen and play it there. Even when I stop listening to it, it's not because I'm sick of it - it's just because everyone else complains...I just loooove knowing every nuance of the voices, all the background percussion effects and singing along. One day my husband came home and I had set the CD player to repeat the same song over and over. Only after about 14 times did he finally notice he had heard that song before! That cracked me up.

When I was a kid, I always thought radio stations had the band right there in the station, playing the song. Of course, I never noticed that the bands seemed to travel all over the place to various radio stations all the time. Or wondered how that dead guy who was singing seemed to be live in their radio station!

I once didn't talk to my husband for 3 days because of what he did to me in a dream. He left me in a very bad part of town, late at night in the dark, with nothing but underwear and a skateboard!

I was almost born in Japan and always thought that if I had been, that I would look different. You know the surgery some Asian women want so they can have "western eyes"? I always wanted to have "Asian eyes". (Of course, I am too big a chicken to ever go near a surgeon)

I like to play tricks on my sweet unsuspecting husband. One night we were watching TV. Whenever a commercial comes on, he changes the channel and starts getting interested in some other show and then by the time he goes back to our original show, we've missed something. So one night I had to go upstairs during the commercial. I took the remote with me so that he wouldn't be up to his usual tricks and of course teased him about this. As I went up the stairs, I looked down at him and he was crawling over to the TV to change the channel during the commercial. So I waited on the stairs, out of sight. When he pushed the channel button, I used the remote to turn off the TV (from the stairs). He was very puzzled by this. So he turned the TV back on and tried again. Once again, when he pushed a button, I turned the TV off or on. He was still more puzzled, until he heard my cackling laughter on the stairs. I got him! I also like to tell this kind of story...

OK, now for my tags, right? Then I will tag Ribbonwiz, Marty52, Iris Susan, Kitty & Me and Need Lil More time to sew. Let the weirdness flow...


Pam Kellogg said...

Hi LinMoon, thank you so much! I was just reading your blog the other day. I can't believe I couldn't remember. But I posted at 6 this morning so maybe that's why.

I love your beaded cameo!! That is so beautiful!


Susan said...

Your story about tricking your husband is a good one. =) I like to listen to favorite music forever, too! My dad once took away my recording of Bolero (long before the movie made it famous) because he got tired of hearing it. I thought he was lucky I wasn't drowning him in Beatles music. =)

abeautifulcraft said...

Oh gosh can I relate to your tricking your hubby, I was rolling around in laughter at your remote control episode and must try that sometime soon myself! LOL