Friday, December 17, 2010

Small CQ pillow

I've been busy with the usual Christmas busyness, but wanted to make a special gift for a very good friend of mine. She really wanted the CQ stocking that I made for our Boutique, but my sister bid highter for it. This is just a small six inch pillow - you can hang it on a doorknob, or even the tree. Without a cutoff date, I didn't have to rush so much and think this is actually nicer than the stocking.

This is my favorite seam - I can't remember where I saw this interesting weaving on the herringbone stitch, but I just love it! I really like the pearls, too, even though they are dyed sort of an "unnatural" color.

This was really a fun seam to do, and so different.

I had fun with sequins and velour flowers on this chevron seam.
I like mixing silk ribbon and organdy ribbon.

As I was finishing up the seams on this, I regretted stitching in these leaf veins - it seemed I would never finish it before Christmas!

Isn't this just such a sweet angel charm?

Happy Stitching, everyone!
~Lin Moon