Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kiwi Done for Fertile Earth class

I finished lesson one of the Fertile Earth class. This was inspired by a kiwi (see below). The background was supposed to be stamped, but my stamping didn't really work out well for my kiwi, so it was back to the wood-burning tool to cut some "leaves" and swirls and those made up my background. I used Misty Fuse to adhere the cuttings to the background fabric and meant to put some tulle on top of it before plopping the kiwi on, but forgot the tulle. This isn't a mistake I want to make again. All the lint, threads and everything else then sticks to the Misty Fuse. I was constantly picking these off - they made it look dirty. Anyway, this was fun and now we are on to week 2. The inspiration? Flowers! Oh, how will I ever choose just one flower to be inspired by?

Happy Creating,
~Lin Moon

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fertile Earth Class

I'm taking Susan Sorrell's Fertile Earth class at joggles. You can see the picture for the class here. This is the first week and we are doing a piece inspired by a fruit or vegetable. My inspiration was this picture of a kiwi. You can see that I changed the colors a bit! I started out with some lavender fabric, which I cut out in an oval shape using a wood-burning tool like Allison Aller explained in the current issue of CQMagOnline. I layered some tulle over it, then a darker purple, then some white satin and tulle in the center. At first it looks pretty blah, but once I added some embroidery, I just couldn't stop. Purple is my favorite color, so it's hard not to just do everything in purple! This has kick-started me into doing something creative and is just what I needed, plus it's really fun!

Happy stitching,
~Lin Moon

Monday, February 23, 2009

Leaf for Tree Project

Here's a leaf I've been working on for the Tree Project. I just haven't been able to get motivated to be creative lately, so I started this since it's a small project and you can pretty much do whatever you want. The due date is March 15, so there's still time if you'd like to get involved.

Also, I've signed up for Susan Sorrell's Fertile Earth online class on This is another effort to kick start my bag-o'bones to "get creative!". We're just on the first week, but so far it's fun and I'll post a pic or two soon.
Happy creating,
Lin Moon