Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Undersea Wonder Bra done

Well I've finished the Undersea Wonder bra. Here are some pictures. The "seaweed" on the left side is really some "fuzzy" foliage taken off a silk flower stem. It made me realize, tho, that if you had something plastic that you wanted to paint and the paint wouldn't stick to it, you could flock it first, then paint it, since the flocking is what would absorb the paint.

Oh, and at the bottom is a picture of the charm pin I made ages ago, that inspired the "Think Pink" bra. I really had a lot of fun making these bras - it sort of solves the problem for me of what to do with what I make. I hate to spend a lot of time on something, then have it sit in a closet or a drawer - I can't display everything I make - there's just not enough horizontal space!

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Bra - Think Pink!

Well, I got sidetracked and ended up making a bra I didn't even plan to do....

I haven't yet finished my "Under the Sea" bra - the mermaid's hair is done and she looks pretty good, but I need to add some other stuff to that side of the bra. In the meantime, I came upon a brooch I made a long time ago - it was a heart and I had glued pearl buttons, brass charms and filled in all the spaces with small pearls. It turned out really pretty (IMHO), but way too heavy to wear, so it just sits in a drawer. I'll try to take a pic of it.... Anyway, I thought why not make a pink version, but on a bra? You can see the results below. It was really fun to get out all my pink stuff - some things I bought never knowing what I would use them for, since they are really too big for CQ. You can certainly work a lot faster when you glue things, than when you stitch them on! But I really do love doing embroidery, so I can't see this becoming a way of life....

This one will be going to North Carolina for display and will be auctioned off for Breast Cancer Research at my church's event later.
Happy Stitching,
Lin Moon