Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Undersea Wonder Bra done

Well I've finished the Undersea Wonder bra. Here are some pictures. The "seaweed" on the left side is really some "fuzzy" foliage taken off a silk flower stem. It made me realize, tho, that if you had something plastic that you wanted to paint and the paint wouldn't stick to it, you could flock it first, then paint it, since the flocking is what would absorb the paint.

Oh, and at the bottom is a picture of the charm pin I made ages ago, that inspired the "Think Pink" bra. I really had a lot of fun making these bras - it sort of solves the problem for me of what to do with what I make. I hate to spend a lot of time on something, then have it sit in a closet or a drawer - I can't display everything I make - there's just not enough horizontal space!


FredaB said...

Hi Lin

Your mermaid turned out beautiful and the seaweed looks real.

The pink one is a clever idea to use up all our stuff. I too am running out of room to hang things so have to start making useful things again.

great job.



Possibilities, Etc. said...

Your work is absolutely FABULOUS!

ruthanne said...

Great mermaid. I am in central Florida, so love water and ocean creations.

Susan said...

Love your mermaid. The whole bra looks wonderful. The charm pin is a great idea! Thanks!