Friday, December 17, 2010

Small CQ pillow

I've been busy with the usual Christmas busyness, but wanted to make a special gift for a very good friend of mine. She really wanted the CQ stocking that I made for our Boutique, but my sister bid highter for it. This is just a small six inch pillow - you can hang it on a doorknob, or even the tree. Without a cutoff date, I didn't have to rush so much and think this is actually nicer than the stocking.

This is my favorite seam - I can't remember where I saw this interesting weaving on the herringbone stitch, but I just love it! I really like the pearls, too, even though they are dyed sort of an "unnatural" color.

This was really a fun seam to do, and so different.

I had fun with sequins and velour flowers on this chevron seam.
I like mixing silk ribbon and organdy ribbon.

As I was finishing up the seams on this, I regretted stitching in these leaf veins - it seemed I would never finish it before Christmas!

Isn't this just such a sweet angel charm?

Happy Stitching, everyone!
~Lin Moon

Thursday, November 18, 2010

CQ Christmas Stocking

Well, long time no blog. I have been busy since summer helping my Dad go to his many Doctor's appointments and being with him when his wife has to be gone. He's only now stabilized and will be having some surgery soon, so let's hope that all goes well too.

Our church boutique came and went and I only made 5 items! This is amazing, as one year my goal was to make 100 ornaments for the tree. But spending so much time with my Dad, waiting at Doctor's appointments did not leave me much time to stitch, then I got the cold that seems to be going around....

I did manage to make a CQ Christmas stocking. It's not my best work, as it was a work in sort of a rush, but I'm pleased to at least be back to SOME stitching.
Happy CQing!
Lin Moon

Saturday, September 18, 2010

More LB Quilts

"Lily", below, was made by Christine Milton. I loved the different shape of this one.

Clear stones give the illusion of water drops.

Mary DeRay made this quilt, called "Last Rose of Summer". Aren't the colors just fabulous?

This quilt lists over 20 people as its makers! It is called "Laurentian Foothills inspired by Anne Savage's Saint-Sauveur." It turns out this was a group challenge, wherein a painting was divided into squares and a different artist completed each square. Some squares looked needle-felted.

"Oh, For Henna's Sake" is by Michelle Reasoner. Although the picture below is not very good(my apologies), you can get a general idea of the quilt and the detail shot shows the wonderful paisleys all over the place. It was quite wonderful!

This is "Kara's Flower Garden" by Lois Akins, machine quilted by Leslie Sparks. Black really makes the colors pop (and they'd pop even more if my picture were sharper!)

This quilt is called "Jelly Fish Pink" by Sonia Callahan. I just love all the great colors!

Roberta Deluz made the quilt below, entitled "It Came From Beneath the Sea". The clouds are 3D and fluffy.

Here is a detail of the Octopus' suckers - very interestingly done!

This one is called "Hibiscus in Dappled Light" and was made by Marianne R. Williamson. The colors are fabulous and check out the stitching on the flower petals.

Check out the great machine work on the border!

This is called "Evening Dandies - Lions that is!" by Leigh Layton. It looks like your typical bunch of flowers, but if you look closely, you see lion's faces in each flower. Very clever and unique.

Well there are still more quilts to show, but that's all for now...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Long Beach Quilt Festival

Well, I hope you all will excuse my long absence from blogging - my father has been in the intensive care unit for days and the hospital for weeks. My brother and sister flew out here from far away, fearing the worst... The doctors actually performed surgery for a broken hip on an 86 year old man with lung cancer, limited breathing and limited kidney function. Now he is in rehab and we have all sighed a collective sigh of relief.

Before all this happened, I attended the Long Beach Quilt Show. It was wonderful! I took lots of pictures and visited many vendors. There were not as many vendors as in the past, but I chalked that up to the current economic conditions... Here are a few pix of the quilts I really liked.

This one is called "Derevnya Russian Fairytale Village 3" by Natalya Aikens of New York. It appeared to be made on blocks of non-woven interfacing, layered and pieced together. It was very unique.

The following 2 detail shots are from a quilt called "Come fly in my Garden" by Phyllis Green of California. My shot of the whole quilt came out too blurry, but this was a lovely piece of work. So many of the quilts now have shiny metallic threads and I don't know how to make sure the photos aren't just full of glare...

This one is "Birch Tree Sunlight" by Pam Berry of California. She let the rays of the sun float freely at their ends.

This quilt is called "Best of Show" by Donna Watter of California. I thought it confusing to call a quilt by this name, since some actual winners are called this, but then I suppose a peacock would be that proud....
I love the 3D effect of the pom-poms and also the shell shapes...

This one is called "Bell aka Fairy Lantern" by Robin West of California. Below is a detail shot.

This one is called Ahuimanu Stream and is by Elizabeth Schowalter of Hawaii. The close-ups show the vast variety of fabrics used in the flowers.

It was a great show and I will put more pix in my next post!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Undersea Wonder Bra done

Well I've finished the Undersea Wonder bra. Here are some pictures. The "seaweed" on the left side is really some "fuzzy" foliage taken off a silk flower stem. It made me realize, tho, that if you had something plastic that you wanted to paint and the paint wouldn't stick to it, you could flock it first, then paint it, since the flocking is what would absorb the paint.

Oh, and at the bottom is a picture of the charm pin I made ages ago, that inspired the "Think Pink" bra. I really had a lot of fun making these bras - it sort of solves the problem for me of what to do with what I make. I hate to spend a lot of time on something, then have it sit in a closet or a drawer - I can't display everything I make - there's just not enough horizontal space!