Thursday, November 18, 2010

CQ Christmas Stocking

Well, long time no blog. I have been busy since summer helping my Dad go to his many Doctor's appointments and being with him when his wife has to be gone. He's only now stabilized and will be having some surgery soon, so let's hope that all goes well too.

Our church boutique came and went and I only made 5 items! This is amazing, as one year my goal was to make 100 ornaments for the tree. But spending so much time with my Dad, waiting at Doctor's appointments did not leave me much time to stitch, then I got the cold that seems to be going around....

I did manage to make a CQ Christmas stocking. It's not my best work, as it was a work in sort of a rush, but I'm pleased to at least be back to SOME stitching.
Happy CQing!
Lin Moon

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Possibilities, Etc. said...

Very nice!! You have some really fine looking seam treatments that cause me to want to get back to my needlepoint versions of CQ embellished! How fortunate your father is to have you - be glad you're able to be there for him.