Monday, November 27, 2006

Alive but not CQing

Hi there all. I haven't been CQ stitching for awhile - I've been making Christmas party invitations - and can you believe it, they have embroidery on them? Never again, stitching the same thing over and over gets old! Anyway, I thought I'd share this button. I came across a card full of Asian buttons that I put together some time ago. This is one of them - it is made of clay, I think. I need to see things like this to keep up my enthusiasm for finishing my CQ kimono - although I think that won't happen until after Christmas.

Has anyone ordered Carol Samples templates lately? I've asked for them for Christmas, but there hasn't been any response to my DH's emails asking about ordering them.

One of the things I do at my Christmas party is give out something handmade to everyone - a bracelet, an ornament, etc. It's the adult version of a goody-bag. So now that I'm finished with the invites, I need to start on the ornaments. I plan to make a dress on a hanger - about the size of a Barbie dress. I want to make them in all different colors and take advantage of scraps of fancy fabrics I have. That should be fun.
Hope you all are happy stitchin....


Susan said...

I think something is wrong with Carole. I haven't heard a thing from her, or gotten answers to my e-mails. This is so unlike her. I don't know what the problem is, though. If I hear anything, I'll let you know.

Love the button, and it's perfect for the kimono piece.

I'd love to see the invitation, too!

Susan said...

The ornament idea sounds great, too!