Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Harry Potter Gala

I haven't been doing much embroidery/beading lately because I've been making Harry Potter curtains! I work at Borders Books and this Friday we are having a huge party to celebrate the latest and last Harry Potter book. We're having a DJ, palm reader, face painter, costume contest, free posters, wands and a craft table (womanned by yours truly) to make wizard hats. A red carpet will lead up to the front door, which will be festooned with 12 foot purple curtains, which I've been working on. A gold and glittered set of H and P letters will frame the door, done in the Harry Potter font. My daughter downloaded the font and I made signs for all the tables. This is going to be so much fun!
gotta get back to stitching soon....
~Lin Moon


Susan said...

Gosh that sounds like fun! There's no bookstore within a 100 miles of here, so I ordered from Amazon and didn't pay the extra postage to have it delivered on Saturday. It will arrive sometime next week, and DH and I will fight over who gets to read it first. I'll win, 'cause I read faster!

threadspider said...

Harry Potter mania has hit my local store too-they are having a midnight book party with all manner of goings on. I shall get mine tomorrow at a more reasonable hour!