Friday, May 23, 2008

Work on May TIF

I've been working on my May TIF. I needle felted the background and have been working on the face and bodice. I traced the design onto woven iron-on interfacing and ironed that onto the back. I always like to have the design on the back so that I never have to worry about covering up lines on the front, and so I can make changes as I go, if I want. It's challenging to embroider on felt - there are so many fuzzies! Purple is my favorite color, so of course the dress is purple. Still have to embroider the arms & shoes and the needle I'm riding on! I'm hoping to have the skirt be made of fabric, tacked down in places to be sort of 3D. I started on the needle, but the silver thread I used seems to expand - the needle is twice as thick on the front as it is drawn on the back. I guess I will try another thread. I padded the sleeve that is closest to the viewer, but the purple is so dark I'm not sure you can tell. I'm really having fun with this!
Happy Stitching,
~Lin Moon


sudu said...

Cann't wait to see this finished, I loved the drawing.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

This is very pretty wool felted project. I look forward to seeing the completion. Judy

Helen Suzanne said...

I love the detail in this one. Did you finish it yet? I'd love to see :D