Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas invite

I've been busy working on our Boutique and my Christmas party. Our Boutique made almost $4800, which will ALL go to charity - which is just great! I was treasurer, so I was running around with different envelopes for the different areas: bake sale, cinnamon buns, taco boats, candy booth, Grandma's Attic and the Boutique itself. Phew! It was fun, but I'm glad that's over. So now we move into the holidays!

Since my husband may get laid off, I wanted to make my Christmas party invitations as cheaply as possible. (I considered not having a party because of that, but if he DOES get laid off, the party may be one of the funnest times I have this season, so I decided to go ahead with it) I had almost everything I needed in my stash, so that was good. I used parchment envelopes that I had saved (for someday) for the angel wings, which curved in a nice way once they were embossed with the swirly design. The angel is a Victorian lady that I printed onto sticker labels - I seem to use those every year. They are so handy, just one whole sheet of paper that's sticky on the back and I just printed 8 or so angel busts on it, then cut them out and glittered her bodice. I glittered the edges of her wings and used velour paper for the ribbon below her. The NOEL was written in metallic gold (doesn't show up too well in the picture) I cut two of the leaves out of some organdy ribbon and two of them out of olive green velour paper - I thought the card needed something up above and a little touch of the maroon also. I usually do some rubber stamping, but not this year....

I almost wish they (Xerox) would just tell us now whether my husband will still have a job or not - the waiting is torture! Oh, well, I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!
~Lin Moon


Marty52 said...

It's a darling little invitation, Lin. So sorry to hear your hubbie may lose his job... it's a scary world out there!

Susan said...

I love your invitation! It's wonderful. I hope things work out with Xerox.

Pat Winter said...

Wonderful! Congrats on your successful show! Your dolls are sweet.
Happy Holidays