Thursday, March 04, 2010

angel done

Well I finished my angel's head/hair - it took me hours! I painted sequins, then rejected them. I settled on a flower bead, then changed my mind. I made ribbon rosettes, then chucked them. I tried this bead, that bead, this color, that color - I changed my mind a million times! This is a really small face, so it was hard to use small enough items to stay in scale. I hope I didn't overdo it with all the decorations near her face. I was going for a sort of Art Nouveau look, and so many of my ideas didn't pan out.

I didn't really have a plan for her hair, except that I wanted a bun, and I didn't really leave long enough strands to work with, so I had to work around that. To make her bun, I wrapped a pipe cleaner into a donut shape, then wound it with floss to match her hair in case any showed through later. Then I pulled her pony tail through the donut and pulled the strands of her pony tail down over the donut. I added some parts of earring findings (bead caps) to her bun, after coloring them with an 18K gold pen. I wound 2 strands of floss around a doll needle and ironed it to make her tendrils.

Well, now it's time to work on the bra that she will grace; I painted it with some dyes and have been waiting for it to dry. Gotta get this in a mail in a few weeks, so time is running out...but I am soooo enjoying myself working on this - it's all I think about!

Happy Stitching,


crazyQstitcher said...

She is sooo beautiful. Thanks for the run down on how you made the hair and bun. I was about to ask about this.
The hair adornments are a perfect size for her face.

Plays with Needles said...

Beautiful choices Lynne. It's perfect.