Friday, April 22, 2011

Fashioning Fashion Exhibit

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Last month my husband and I went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for the "Fashioning fashion" exhibit of European Dress from 1700-1915. To say it was fabulous would be an understatement! Check out the sparkles that would be on a man's jacket:
Clearly the men of that time were more comfortable with their masculinity!
This looks like a rather run-of-the-mill dress, doesn't it? Nothing too fancy.
But check out the trim that embellishes the bottom of it! (And might get dirty - argh!)
Some of the sleeve details were amazing. I love the lace and all the detail that went into the sleeve of this beautiful dress.
...and the layers and work that are apparent in this one...
What comes to mind when you think of today's lounging pajamas? I daresay it's nothing like this!
and look what one wears on one's feet while lounging!
There were some simply wonderful dresses...

and a close-up of the fabulous embroidery on its stomacher

How about this one with its long train...and a detail shot of the train
This dress is all embroidered
Here's a close-up of the embroidery
Here are a couple of close-ups of a gold embroidered stomacher
Isn't the metallic lace along the bottom just beautiful?
Here's a picture of the embroidery on one robe
After seeing all this wonderful embroidery and embellishment and wondering how good my pictures really were, I decided I wanted to get the book. We went around asking and they had sold the last copy just moments before - I couldn't believe it! But luckily Amazon still had a few copies, so my husband ordered one for me the moment we got home (yes, he spoils me...) The book is fabulous too!
You can get the book here.

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy...
~Lin Moon


Carol said...

Its amazing, isn't it. And all done by hand.

I wonder if "lounging" meant something different then, than it does now.

Nice post.

Elizabeth Braun said...

What GLORIOUS exhibits! I just love these clothes. Don't we wear boring rubbish these days??

FredaB said...

Hi Lin

That was a great exhibit from your pictures. Thanks for posting them for the rest of us. The needlework in those days just takes your breath away. No fancy machines, etc. but look at what they accomplished.



Shirlee Fassell said...

I ordered the book and it came yesterday. It has some interesting information along with great pictures.. I also find the glossary as it explains some materials and techniques that were used at the time.

Magia dos bordados said...

Olá Lin! Encantada com seu Blog e om seus trabalhos. Adorei a matéria.
Também adoro bordado.
Convido a me visitar. Será um prazer recebê-la.

elmsley rose said...

Hey there :-)
We read some of the same blogs, and obviously know some of the same people (who have commented on this entry). :-)
Did you see Kathy's (The Unbroken Thread)post on the exhibit?