Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Party

Pictured is one of my little Christmas vignettes that I like to put together. We make an ornament wreath like this every year for the church Boutique as one of our opportunity drawing prizes. (It's missing one ball on the right - it fell off in transit.) The JOY boxes were a project featured on Carol Duvall awhile back.

Well the dust has cleared and the party is over and it was great fun! We had lots of good food, good talk, loud laughter and a great time. A few people cancelled out at the last minute, but that was OK as it was just smaller and more intimate. We did an ornament swap where everyone brings a wrapped ornament and picks a number. When it's your turn, you can either steal an ornament from someone who's gone before you, or open a new one. Stealing frequently starts a domino effect and it can get downright hilarious. One of the guests, our pastor's wife, was too shy the first two years she came to ever steal from someone else. But we taught her well and now she has no qualms about stealing - even from the hostess! (much to my chagrin) There was general outrage when we discovered that 3 of the people who came were going home with the very ornaments that they brought! There were many beautiful, glamourous, cute and sparkly ornaments. The last one to be opened was a sock monkey ornament, which caused a big stir. Since all the trading and stealing was done, there was some last-minute desperate bargaining to get the sock monkey!

The real funny thing is, we all know it's not about the ornaments, but we act like it is for an hour or so and get pretty goofy. Well the last guest left at 3 am, so it's taken me a few days to catch up on sleep and wash those wine glasses.

Everyone loved their dress ornaments - my neighbor asked "Did you REALLY make these?". I'd like to post directions and the pattern for those, but am not sure how to post the pattern so it's actual size or so I can give exact enlargement directions. I suppose I could post the pattern with measurements along-side... Anyone have any clues for me on this?

Happy Stitching....

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Susan said...

Sounds like a great party - especially if it lasted that long! People must have been having a good time.

The only idea I have about the pattern is that I could post it full-size on my webpage and then you could post the link in your blog? People could go save it from the webpage. If no one comes up with a better idea, we can try that.