Thursday, January 18, 2007

More TASTY Chain

Further developments in SharonB's TAST challenge:

Here in blue, you can see 4 twisted chain stitches (it might be long-legged twisted chain). I worked it in the round to get the pink flower, which I really like.

The purple flower is just 5 Lazy Daisy petals of ribbon floss placed over (and between) 5 Lazy Daisy petals of Rainbow Gallery Flair (which I call tubular panty-hose).

Then there is the French Knot Lazy Daisy, where the tie-down stitch is a French knot instead of just a straight stitch. Each peach bud is a FKLD done around a padded straight stitch. The turquoise ribbon flower shows 6 petals of FKLD with the knots in the center. The two maroon flowers show FKLD with knots in the center and then with knots on the outer edge.


Virginia said...


I love the pink flower! It is very original!

Candi Harris said...

I just love your flowers! You've got some great ideas.

kay susan said...

I really like that spray of flower buds.

Susan said...

Oh, you've been having a great time! Thanks for the inspiration, because I haven't really gotten into this stitch, and I needed some. =)