Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What Would YOU Do With These?

OK, Creative people out there, I need your ideas!

My Uncle Rod used to have several clothing lines in New York City and pictured here you can see samples of the patterns a number of garments could come in. He's long since passed away, but I have had these samples for many years. My mother made a purse from one of them, but the pieces are pretty small once you try to make something - maybe 8 by 10. Since they are all covered with sequins, they are gorgeous, but not easy to sew with. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could use these samples? I know I could cut off all the sequins, and use them for CQ, but that seems like a waste of some really pretty patterns.

A confession:
I recently got a birthday card that was really cute with a cake on the front decorated with sequins. Well I have to confess, I cut all the sequins off the card to use for CQ! I don't know - should I feel guilty or just resourceful - ha ha.


Susan said...

Wow, those are gorgeous. It does seem a shame to just strip them of sequins. Is it possible to use any of them in crazy quilt blocks? Could you make a special wallhanging, maybe something landscape looking, by using several of them in odd piecing angles, to make a landscape? Or just an abstract? You could always take the sequins from the scraps. =)

The birthday card story is too funny! =)

SuzyQ said...

These are lovely. I say: Purse!!!!

You could make small sized purses, add beaded fringe if you like.....lots of possibilities. There's a good book out about making art purses called "Embroidered Purses" by Linda Tudor. You can read about it here.

Bobby said...

What about a Wagga?


Debra Spincic said...

I would use them for CQ with the sequin!

Dianne said...

Well what a fabulous stach that is.
awell you could make book marks, picture fames, on covers on a book, journal. small amulets or tiny purses, the possibiltys are endless. Hope to see some of the things you do use them for. To just use the seqinces would be a waste. That is just my opinion:):)