Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Started Stitching

Started stitching on my block I pieced for Sharon's Encrusted class at joggles.com. Yesterday the kids were off school, but busy so I had a few hours to work on it. I swear, the first hour I just stared at the thing, not knowing where to start at all.... I was glad I had made a notebook of pix printed out from flickr for ideas, because Flickr was down all last night and I was in need of inspiration! With 2 teenagers in the house and a husband whose idea of fun is writing programs, I sometimes don't get much computer time, so a hardcopy of some CQ is good for me....

Happy Stitching,


1 comment:

JoWynn Johns said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad to be able to watch the progress on your crazyquilt block.