Saturday, March 10, 2007

New YLI Fibers

On Thursday I went to a Quilting/Craft show at the Pomona county fairgrounds. Felting is certainly hot! There were lots of booths selling felting machines or hand felters, wool roving and fabrics to felt upon. One interesting thing that was done with a felting machine was to "felt" a lightweight metallic ribbon to a backing fabric. It made the ribbon look randomly "wrinkly" and gave a very interesting texture. The thing I noticed about all the felting hoopla that was disappointing to me was that the colors were all muted earth tones. Some of the booths "read" as all browns. Where are the pinks, the purples, bright turquoise?

There were also lots of booths selling patterns and fabric for sane quilting. I wish it had been a stitching/sewing show - I think there would have been more for the CQer there. I did find some new fibers, though, that I hadn't seen before. I've certainly worked with ribbon floss or RG's Neon Rays. But I'd never seen ribbon floss with metallic woven through it. Pictured are some colors of YLI Shimmer Blend ribbon floss. I had to get some. It's interesting how they can take a basic color and then add metallic black to it, or take the same color and add metallic silver and the two results are sooo different.
Happy Stitching.....


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