Friday, June 08, 2007

Doll Nametags

I was trying to remember if I had done any other bead embroidery besides the one shown here, when I remembered one of my nametag dolls. I made a doll nametag and wore it to a meeting and next thing I knew I was doing a program on it. It was mainly to teach simple stitches used to embroider facial features and to show some different hair treatments. I figured the ladies wouldn't want to end up with all the same faces, so I offered them a selection of eyes, noses and mouths that they could mix and match to create a unique doll for their own nametags. For my display, I made up poems about the different dolls. I had a lot of fun with this!

The doll with red button hair and an art deco nametag was the one I made for myself.

Collette has the turquoise beaded hair....

Come meet Colette
Doesn't she look pert?
I can't say for sure,
But I've heard she's a flirt.
The mirror on the wall
Says she's most fair
Who could resist her?
What beads! What hair!

The purple-haired doll is Penelope....

With turquoise eyes and
Wild purple hair
Wide-eyed and happy
She hasn't a care
She was getting worried
She was going gray
I got her some RIT
Now it's "purpled" away!

Then there's Flo....

No shiny buttons
No Purple hair
Just some rags
It's just not fair
This is Flo
Complete with pout
She's been gypped
And she's put out!


Marty52 said...

These are adorable! Love the red head!

Nancilyn (Fiberdabbler) said...

They're all cute as can be. I love the buttons the best, although for most of my adult life I've secretly wanted turquoise hair.

Krazy Kathy said...

I can't figure out which one I like best! They are absolutely fantastic. Great ideas!!!!!!!

JoWynn Johns said...

I love your doll name tags. So original, and so captivating.

Betzie said...

What a great idea! I'll have to visit again. I will link to you today!
Very very cute...
I love the luminere paints too as well. Endless possibilites! :)

Susan said...

Each one is cuter than the last! I think I'd pick Penelope for myself, but I'd have to give her a different name, as that is my hateful sister's name. =)

freebird said...

These are so cute and each one really is so different. Bet everyone loved your class!