Friday, June 01, 2007

Playing with beads

I've been fooling around with angelina fibers and loved the pearlescent shine of the white. I cut out a moon from it and did a little bead embroidery around it. I haven't done bead embroidery for awhile, and forgot about how much better your results are if you use all the same size bead. I really wanted to mix up my purples to see how it looked, so I ignored size. You can't really even see the sparkle of the angelina...

I have to admit, I have joined the Beaded Journal Project, described here. I'm hoping to keep up with one "journal page" per month - haven't quite decided what size I will do yet. I've found that if I join something like this, I am more motivated to do the work than if I just plan to get around to trying something someday.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Wow, oh, wow! That's great! I look forward to seeing your journal pages for beading.