Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fabric Jewelry

Well, the answer came back and none of my jewelry ideas were accepted for the Lark book. Oh, well, I really had fun with this and it has sparked more ideas, so we'll see how that goes. Pictured is an earring made from Angelina fibers. It needs a little more finessing to improve its finished look, I think. It's folded and I wanted to do some free style stitching on it, but ran out of time, so just embellished it with a ribbon flower. The shape is sort of like a lantern.

Here is a gathered ribbon bracelet I made. I used some great ceramic cherub buttons and did a little SRE on the gathers. I really like how it came out.

Since I work at Borders, I am constantly looking at new books in the craft area. So many books are now talking about heating, distorting, burning and melting, of various man-made materials, like lutrador, or polyester interfacing.... I've looked at these books, but often the pictures of the finished product is just ....interesting.... not arresting, not gorgeous. Am I strange in wanting something that's beautiful when I'm done with it? Obviously, CQ is quite beautiful when done and we spend countless hours on the creative stitch treatments. Also, how does this type of art express something in the artist when it's so unpredictable? I know this is the way of the future and I am a dissenting voice, but these are some of my thoughts....

~Lin Moon


June said...

Grandma ziki here. I tried to e-mail you for the comment you left on my blog, but couldn't get thru so thought I would answer you here. I am going to the craft show. Please contact me at June

Pat Winter said...

I think your jewelry items arereally beautiful, and not just because I love purple. They look feminine,vintage and very pleasing to the eye.
I have seen so many new ideas out there that I wouldn't bury in my garden. Too bulky,bright, or just has no meaning and they get published....beyond my understanding. You keep up with your fabulous creations, not everyone out there has good taste :-).

Susan said...

I like the jewelry items and can't see any reason why they didn't pick them - especially the bracelet. That's just gorgeous.

I tend to agree with you about the "new" art or craft ideas. I'd like to do things where I have some control of the outcome, for one thing. For another, I want something that is attractive when I finish - or that has a hope of being, at least! =) I'm with Pat, keep doing what you do.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

I saw the word jewellery and so read on.
I agree that some of the 'new' techniques out there are interesting but....
Thought I would tell you that I am having a book published next year called Embroidered Jewellery and it is all beautiful and very wearable as jewellery should be and all the techniques on how to create them will be in the book. Hope you keep an eye out for it. It is being published by Batsford in the UK.

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