Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fabric Postcard

Here is a fabric postcard (my first, can you believe it?) I made to trade with Susan Lenz of Cyber Fyber. I still have to finish it around the edges. I layered thread snippets under tulle, then added small stitches across each color area with several colors and textures of thread. The flowers are made of rice paper. I colored the rice paper with Sharpie markers, ironed it, and cut it into small circles. The circles were about the size you would get with a hole punch, but I didn't want such regular shapes. I poked a hole in each circle and folded/scrunched it around the needle, then stitched it down with one stitch.

This is Susan's postcard, which I have received in the mail. Isn't it wonderful? I think there are a few ATCs left to trade on the Cyber Fyber site, if you'd like to have one of her ATCs and get yours exhibited.

What's this? When I had finished all the embroidery on my postcard except for the paper flowers, I wanted to make sure I would like the way the flowers were distributed along the greenery. I scanned a copy of my embroidery and stuck it inside a ziplock bag, then drew the flowers with the magenta Sharpie onto the plastic bag to see where I wanted them to go. When I was happy with the arrangement, I outlined the postcard edges onto the plastic, cut it away from the bag and placed it over my embroidery to guide me on my flower placement. I really like this method.


June said...

Hi Lin Moon,
I just love your fabric pin. And the idea using the plastic bag is great. I'll have to try that sometime.
I've sent you an e-mail about the craft show in Pomona, Not sure if you got it or not. Please e-mail at I would love to meet with you. I will be going on Thurs and Fri. "Grandma Ziki"

Susan said...

I adore your postcard! I don't know where you come up with the ideas you try. You have to be just incredibly artistic! The rice flowers are fabulous.