Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Book Review

Recently I bought this book "M. Joan Lintault: Connecting Quilts, Art & Textiles". She makes very interesting quilts and the thing I like most about most of them is that they have holes in them! She's made a quilt that has a latticework background, filled in near the edges with flowers and butterflies. Sometimes her quilts have sewing machine lace between the main images. Her machine lace is beautiful and sometimes has a very fluid, water-like quality. Her quilts are not usually square and are the kind you want to stare at for a long time, to see every detail. She never uses commercially printed fabric, instead she dyes it, stitches it, then paints it, achieving a fabulous depth of color and texture. This book is a wonder to wander through, with lots of great pictures, inspiration and thoughtful prose.

Happy Stitching,
Lin Moon


Susan said...

thanks for the review! I will look for it. What are you doing lately?

Dawn said...

I LOVE the quilts in this book. I bought it a while ago and flip through it whenever I need inspiration.