Tuesday, July 18, 2006

100 Details for 100 Days: Day 19 & Day 2

Here is my version of Sharons Day 19

And my version of Sharon's Day 2

While going through my stash of threads to embellish seams with, I notice that I always buy plenty of leaf/stem greens and lots of flower colors: pinks, reds, yellows, purples and even blues, but I never seem to think of brown. I'm currently working on a small CQ piece that has some of my favorite fabric in it and I hardly have any browns to work near it. Well, next time I shop for threads, I will remember this.


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Susan said...

Sorry, I see your name is actually Lynne. That's my middle name, spelled the same way. I've hardly ever seen anyone spell it with the e. Much more elegant, don't you think? Like your beautiful embroidery.