Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Day 2 of 100detailsin100days

Here is my Day 2 seam embellishment of SharonB's 100detailsin100days. (As you can see, I am not going in any particular order with the 100 details. My project is a small one and I need to vary the types of stitches I put next to each other.)

Since we use so many different threads for crazy quilting, sometimes it's hard to get the thread through the needle. Did you know that if you're having trouble threading your needle, sometimes it's easier if you just turn the needle over and try from the other side? The needle hole is punched from one side, so just like if you poke a nail through a piece of paper, one side is smooth and the other has some ragged edges. Although these ragged edges are smoothed away, the hole on one side is still better.

Speaking of different threads, last night I was using some of my metallics (glissengloss) and they are wound on those small cardboard floss holders. When I want to embroider, I have to iron the folds out of the thread before I can use it. This is annoying, especially when it's 90 degrees and I'll do anything not to have to turn on my iron! So this morning, while watching Simply Quilts, I started unwinding them from the cardboard tubes and onto some empty spools. I'm hoping the folds will go away after awhile.


Lillian said...


I love your work and am emjoying your blog immensely.

Susan said...

Oh, another great idea! And to think that I just sent a dozen off for a practical joke on a friend!