Tuesday, July 25, 2006

CQ Design aid

I just hit upon a great idea for testing out a seam treatment. I am making a CQ kimono. No, not one to wear, a small one to display on a stand in my living room. The finished size is about 13" high, with CQ on both sides. I pieced it so there is a straight line down the middle, where the opening in a kimono would normally be. I have some cool flower shaped sequins that look like pink plum or cherry blossoms. I wanted those to go down the middle. But every time I embellish a horizontal seam, I never know how close to that center line to get with my embellishment.

So here's what I did: I made a color copy of my pieced and partially embellished kimono, concentrating on the center line. I put it inside a plastic baggie, so it would lay flat. (If I had had a transparency I would have used that.) Then I got out my brown sharpie and drew the stem and placed the sequins on the stem in little groups. Bingo! Now I can see how it will look before I stitch it and avoid big clumps of sequins in some places and too few elsewhere. I am so jazzed!

I may slow down on stitching along with the 100 details while I work on my cherry blossoms...

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