Saturday, September 09, 2006

Day 73 or The Curse of the Red Beading Thread

Here is my version of Sharon's Day 73. (I just can't believe we are this far along already!) I started out using bugle beads like Sharon did, but ended up replacing them with the straight stitches (between the detached chain trios). My "rick-rack" is space dyed with a little glitter in it, so I didn't want to cover it up with zig-zag chain stitches, so I just stiched it on with a thin metallic. I think the "2 bead drop" (sounds like a dance) is so sweet, so I definitely copied that. The fabric above the seam is actually purple, although it looks blue in this picture.

What is The Curse of the Red Beading Thread? I have several colors of beading thread that I bought in San Diego several years ago (when I took a bead embroidery class with Nancy Eha - that was fun!). I'd never before seen so many options for colored bead thread; it's nice to see them in person, so you can choose the shade you want. Well I only have a little of the red left. And every time, I mean EVERY time I stitch some beads with it, I rip it out. Then I have even less of the red thread and I've totally wasted it. Of course, the bugle beads were stitched with the cursed red thread. Maybe I will have to throw it away to escape the curse!!

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