Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Musings & SRE

Well, I haven't been doing much stitching this week; I'm busy getting ready to give a baby shower. It's funny how you look around your house with different eyes when a bunch of people are coming over. It's like, gee, how long has that chair seat been ripped (I have cats) and how long has that pile of books been sitting here in the kitchen (I have kids) and how many sudoku puzzles are laying around (I have husband) and how did my sewing room get to be such a mess (I'm creative? ha ha)

So, since I have no new seam treatments to share, I thought I'd share this small embroidery I did with dyed silk ribbons. I dyed the ribbons myself, just painting the dye along one edge of the ribbon. It looks very wedding-ish to me. Hope you all are stitching more than I am!

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Susan said...

That was just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it. I tend to ignore my house, too, and then when I do look, have the same reactions you do. Fortunately, my DH cleans up all the time, or I'd probably be under a foot of dust and never notice!