Saturday, September 23, 2006

Santa Monica Bead Show

Today I went to the International Gem & Jewelry Show in Santa Monica, CA. The show was HUGE! The Civic Center wasn't big enough to hold all the vendors, so there were giant tents stretched out in all directions. It was really hard to make sure you saw the whole thing. But I was on a short time schedule and really just looking for one thing: flower beads for CQ. I went to my favorite booth, Kahn-Fagan (NAYY); they sent me a free coupon to get in and I parked for free (instead of the $8 the city of Santa Monica wants you to pay - outrageous!), so as to follow that cardinal rule: money saved must be spent on beads(or threads or fabric or....) . I can just imagine the Stash Police catching me there, "Ma'am, reports from your husband indicate that your bead stash is quite sufficient. Put your hands up and STEP AWAY FROM THE BEADS. I repeat, Step away from the beads...". Well, when I get tired I get a bit loopy....

Anyway, I did find some pearls in surprising colors to use in seam embellishments and also lots of flower beads. Certain areas were mostly dominated by jewelry booths and others by bead merchants. Sometimes I needed sunglasses to ward off the intense sparkle from the rows and rows of Swarovskis! Even though it was short, it was fun and exciting!


May Britt said...

what a dream place to be!!!!
Your purchase is wonderful. And we do not ever get too much beads!!!!!!
Beads are very expensive in Norway so when I bought a blouse at the flee market with white pearls all over the collar and sleeves I was in heaven. Ripped the pearls off and got a big box of beautiful pearls

abeautifulcraft said...

Hello Lin, You cracked me up with the bead police comment - too funny! I must be a 'wanted woman' well and truly by now ........ not only in the bead department, but many types - embellishments and fabrics. Lovely beads, one can never have enough stash!

Susan said...

Okay, now I'm totally jealous! =) The bead police thing was very funny - I hope they don't hang out at PIQF next month!