Monday, April 09, 2007

Busy Busy

Well, I haven't been doing much stitching lately. My daughters 14 and 17 left for Europe yesterday for Spring Break and the last 2 weeks I've been running around getting them ready for their trip - buying lightweight suitcases (there's a hefty fine for a bag over 50 pounds), getting them shoes, travel toiletries, and worrying about their plane blowing up or crashing.
Happy to say they arrived there safely - I always worry whenever I fly that the plane will spontaneously combust upon landing, so it was a HUGE DEAL that I let them go. They went with a group of teachers and other students, 60 in all - to London, then Paris. So DH and I are childless for a whole week - longer than we've ever had! I informed him that I am not cooking for a week! Yay! Spring is here and flowers abound. My camera skills can't rival those of others, but I'm still enjoying the flowers. I don't have a picture, but one of my all-time favorite plants is Yesterday-Today-and Tomorrow. Do you know of it? It has small fragrant flowers that bloomed dark purple yesterday, turn to lavender today and will turn to white tomorrow. It smells heavenly and is right next to my angel trumpet, which smells wonderful also. I love to just go outside and breath in that smell!

I hope to get back to some stitching soon....


Susan said...

A whole week to yourselves! Fabulous! And your daughters will have a wonderful, educational trip, even if they don't go see anything deemed educational. =)

Your floral pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I've never heard of your other flower, but it sounds beautiful, and I'd love to see one sometime. Thank you for sharing. Too bad we don't have a computer for all senses yet!

Ati. Norway. said...

Oh, Lin, now you supposed to have time to stitch;))
Lucky daughters,it is nice weather in April in Londen and Paris and so much to see!