Friday, December 07, 2007

12 days of ornaments (six)

It's ornament number six - Santa's Coat! This is made from sparkly(sp?) red felt. I sewed the side seams on the machine and finished off the sleeves with buttonhole stitch. Black felt was used for the belt and some shiny gold fabric was interfaced to make it stiffer, then cut out for the belt buckle. I sewed the back sequin on at the top and basted the fur trim on at the bottom of the coat. (You have to be careful when cutting the trim that you just cut the backing, not the fur.) I bent some red wire into a hanger shape and hot glued the coat front to the back at the bottom of the ornament. Viola! A cute ornament! I wished I had put some sort of bead on the hanger, to decorate it at the top.
Happy Ornamenting...
~Lin Moon


Charlene said...

Really cute idea, and pretty work!

Susan said...

It's just darling as it is. I love all you creative ideas!