Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Goodies

I've mentioned before that I always have a Christmas party for my women friends every year. I like to give out my version of a "goody bag", which is something I have made for everyone. This year it is doll head ornaments, with hats! The hats were really fun to make, mixing the trims, buttons and feathers.
I started out thinking I'd embroider the faces, but then ended up using stretch cotton for the faces, so that didn't end up happening.... It's funny how your original idea for something morphs and changes into something totally different!

~Lin Moon


Sequana said...

Those are absolutely the best!!

Makes me wish I had a tree. I'd try to make one. Wouldn't be as cute as yours tho. You have very lucky friends.

Susan said...

Those are as cute as can be. If you didn't stitch the faces, what did you do? Lucky friends!

Lin Moon said...

After stretching the cotton onto the faces, and pinning it, I did stitch the hair on (it's felt). The eyes are pins and the mouth is glued on - I cut the lips from dark red velour paper.
Lin Moon