Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April TIF

Here is a picture of my April TIF. I was just playing around with my new needle felting stuff and various yarns and some angelina. So, weirdly enough, the rose is the back of the felting. I think a felting machine is needed to successfully felt yarns from the front, but I liked the subtle shadings and fluffiness from the back. Since this was my first try, I didn't have very many colors of wool roving - certainly not several shades of a particular color, so I augmented it with yarn, etc. I really like the wispy quality of the leaf more so than the rose. Since I'm new to this felting stuff, I am compiling a Fact Sheet about the terms used in felting, etc. Look for it in the future. (FYI: Did you know that if you work with uncleaned fleece, you should have a tetanus shot?)

This month's TIF was about change. I had first intended to use the yesterday-today-and tomorrow as my motif of choice, but I like the rose as a metaphor for change. It seems that life is very much full of layers: layers of meaning, layers of inhibition, layers of learning, layers of comfort and layers of dependency. As you peel away the layers, sometimes the core is soft and sweet, like a rose. Sometimes the true you comes out as fears, inexperience and insecurities are peeled away. And sometimes when the petals are gone, it's time to regrow. (Or, you're just left with rose hips and it's time to diet! - sorry, I can never resist injecting a little humor...)

The next picture is a teaser - I am working on something I can't yet share...

And the last picture is my yesterday, today and tomorrow plant. When I open the patio door, the sweet fragrance of it is just so wonderful...and I love the purple - it's worth the extra care it needs....
Happy Stitching,
Lin Moon


ingermaaike said...

That is my next birthday wish! One of these felting machines. So much fun to work with.
In reply to your question about the scarflette; the mohair is curly by nature and when felting it onto merino it shrinks at a different rate so it curls even more.

Jane said...

Your TIF piece came out great!