Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Here's a pic of my latest needle felting (by hand). This is only the third project I've done and I'm really happy with it. I finally got some wool roving in lots of colors and shades, which makes it really fun! (My very first try was with just 6 basic colors and it was so simple it looked like a 5 year could have done it) I really like wispy-ness and blending the fibers. Also, once I did the flowers, they were shaded, but really flat, so I added more fiber to give them more dimension, which was a good idea.

I looked around on the net to check prices for wool roving. I figured I'd make backgrounds for embroidery or make postcards, at least at first, so I wanted lots of colors without breaking the bank and then having a lot to store (you do have to be careful about wool and bugs). So I ordered a bag of Penny Candy from Decadent Fibers. I got more than 35 little balls of roving. I especially like the ones that are shaded (see pic below), because then it's like you get 2 or 3 colors, all in the same little ball. I didn't really plan this design out that much, I just knew I wanted three flowers.

So if you'd like to try it, do! It's great fun.
Happy needling,
~Lin Moon


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, love your needle felting and your blog .I will be back love from sesga xx

Candi said...

the colors are all so yummy looking:)

Susan said...

That's really pretty! I wonder how the silk pods would do with this technique? I don't do it, don't plan to do it, but I appreciate how pretty it is. I liked your SRE landscape from the previous post, too.

Anonymous said...

The penny candy looks good enough to eat. Why are the balls called roving? I have never heard of this term before.

Lin Moon said...

Hi Violette,
Wool roving is the wool shorn from the sheep, cleaned and carded into long ropey lengths. These lengths are then rolled up into balls in my picture.

Pat Winter said...

I love your felting project. The bag of roving looks like a great deal of fun.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hi Lynn, Your wool felted project is a piece of art. It is very lovely. I also love felting soo your project was nice to see. Hugs Judy

Berceste said...

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