Friday, April 04, 2008

News and Notes

Here are a couple of pix of the irises in my front yard. I just love spring - it's such a harbinger of hope. Buds preparing to burst into bloom, bulbs poking out of the dirt, so much to look forward to in the garden.

Quilting Arts magazine is one of my favorite magazines. I am sooo thrilled whenever it arrives in my mailbox. Did you know the editor of Quilting Arts has a blog? Maybe I'm the last one to know this, but it was news to me! Check it out here. There's even news there that isn't yet on their website.

I stumbled upon this collection of wonderful, quirky and whimsical felt creations. I love it when someone creates this type of thing that escapes being called "cute", but instead is arty. Check it out here.

Happy Stitching, and gardening too,
~Lin Moon


Gerry said...

These are beautiful. Thanks!

Susan said...

Oh, wow! Lucky to have such beauty right in your front yard. The most I'm doing is yellow sage blooms. =)