Friday, March 28, 2008

March TIF

Here is a picture of my March TIF (noticing the little things), SharonB's Take it Further Challenge. I started out dying the fabric with the thought of stitching unfurling ferns on it, but when I walked away to let the dye dry and came back a few hours later, it looked like the center of a flower, so that's what it became!

And in the spirit of noticing the little things, here is a monarch butterfly still in its cocoon, soon to come out.

And now it's out, drying its folded wings (for several hours) before flying away. I planted some butterfly weed, just for this purpose. Orange isn't my favorite color, but I planted it so I could watch the striped caterpillars munching on it, their cocoons forming and the butterflies emerging. It is so fascinating to watch.

This guy always has this big ball of something with him.


Meg in Albuquerque said...

The fabric for your TIF this month was beautiful. I'm past ready to start dyeing and painting, but its still too chilly.

Susan said...

Thank you so much for your butterfly pictures! What fun - I always loved doing that unit with my students and watching the whole process.

Your flower is fabulous! Just perfect with that background you painted. How big is it?

Lin Moon said...

I made my TIF flower postcard sized. When I try to do too large a piece, I don't seem to finish....

Dyeing is fun - sometimes the results are so unexpected!

Thanks for your comments.

juanita sim said...

Your embroidered flower is lovely.