Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bird Ornaments

This bird was not made or designed by me!

I found this picture on Flickr - isn't it cute? It belongs to Karen (aka Mrs. Kwitty). I saw this and asked Mrs. Kwitty if I could copy it to make ornaments for our Church Boutique. Check out her wonderful etsy site here where there are plenty of wonderful shabby/chic type items. She graciously said I could copy it, even though she sells it on her etsy - now that's generous! Thanks again, Karen.

Our Boutique is the Women's main fundraiser of the year and all the monies we make go to charity. We sell coffee and cinnamon buns in the morning and taco boats around noon. We have a bake sale, opportunity drawing, Grandma's attic and a candy booth. Our whole church comes together to put this on and it's lots of work and lots of fun.

So here are a few of my versions of her bird - they are really fun to make. I can't decide if I like the bow under the beak or on the back of the head....(any opinions?)


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Hi Lynne,
Oh yeah!! They turned out really cute! Very nice work and I love your fabric choices. I hope they are a big seller for you in your church fundraiser.

As far as the bow, I like it either way! I do them with the bow up top because I will often hang a little something from the ribbon (like a charm or a snowflake or a bell)--which can be pretty fun.

Good luck with your bazaar--hope it's a success!

Smiles, Karen

Susan said...

The birds are adorable, hers and yours. I think, on the bow, why not make some each way? Both look great. People will love these!

Candi said...

Hey Lin, those came out just adorable! You make them look so cute.