Monday, July 27, 2009

Even More LB Quilt Pix

The Gita Maria booth was on my list to visit. They had a lot fewer buttons and jewelry and a lot more shawl pins. Maybe that's because their new thing is shawl kits made with lots of gorgeous fibers, water-soluble stabilizer and machine embroidery. Here's a picture of the shawl they had on display. Some of the fibers in it were wide organza ribbons with patches of gold thread woven in - it was fabulous! (P.S., since some of the pictures get so big when you click on them, you might want to hit "control -" (that's minus) to get them to a better size)

This picture was taken at the igolochkoy booth. I talked a little with the woman at the booth and she told me they make their own needles! She said she likes to support the artists that use her special needles, so buys their work to support them and to show at her booth, so others could see the possiblities. This piece was wonderful!

This is Susan Fletcher King's entry for the Journal Quilt Project II.

I stopped at Mary Jo Hiney's booth and had a very nice conversation with her. She displayed this quilt in her booth; it is featured in her book called "Quiltagami". I really like the bottom of it, with the shapes and the beads hanging down. It was quite special.

This quilt is called "Midnight in the Garden of Hearts and Flowers" and was made by Judith Roush Knorr.

Diane Ricks made "Pacific Ocean Underwater Wonders". It is quite beautiful. Check out the stitching on the gold fish and the wonderful texture at the bottom of the quilt.

This one is called "Praise Ye Now Our Gardens Green" and was made by Sonia Grasvik.

I apologize for the fuzziness of some of the close-ups; as I kept visiting vendors my bag got heavier and heavier and it was hard to hold the camera still! (Such a terrible problem to have!) I had such fun there!
~Lin Moon

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