Monday, July 27, 2009

Long Beach Quilt Show 2009

I spent all day Saturday at the Long Beach Quilt Show. I didn't sign up for any classes this year; I wanted to have plenty of time to see all the quilts on exhibit and visit all the vendors. I'm so glad the show is in Long Beach and not just in Houston; I've been looking forward to going for months. Here are some pictures from the show. Enjoy! Since some of the pictures get so big when you click on them, you might want to hit "control - " (that's minus) multiple times to get them to a better size.
This is an Antique CQ quilt from Cindy's Antique Quilts (in OK). It was in excellent shape. She was asking around $3200 if anyone is interested. The bird embroidery was wonderful. It has these cool motifs made of small hexagons placed in a circle and then embroidered over. It was beautiful!

This one is called Evening and is by Deborah Sylvester. It is made up of hundreds of tiny little pieces, used like paint to form the quilt.

This last one is called "Ginkgo" and is by Marianne Haeni. The detail shows an inset of what looks like machine-made lace, with a piece of fabric inset into that, with a gingko leaf on it. I thought this inset was a very interesting idea.

More pictures will come in another post - hope you enjoyed the eye candy!

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Aida Costa said...

Thanks for sharing - what amazing pieces!! The portrait quilt is spectacular.