Monday, July 27, 2009

More LB International Quilt Show PIx

There were so many great quilts at the Long Beach International Quilt Show! Of course photos were not allowed for lots of them. There was one very interesting quilt made by a woman from South Africa. It had a lot of squares in it and there was a large piece across the middle and down the center that was needlepoint. I don't remember the stitch name, but it was all small squares where each one is defined by a set of maybe 6 diagonal stitches. And the interesting thing was, the needlepoint was not blocked, so it was a little wavy, and that actually added to the piece. It was very interesting to add canvas to a quilt. I did see quite a few quilts with Angelina and felting in them...

This is "Sonoma Coastline" by Jan Carter, with a few detail shots of the base of the piece. I loved all the texture in it.

This is "Spring in Japan" by Akiko Kawata. It was hard to get a good view of this quilt, but it was beautiful.

THis quilt is called "The Pond" and was made by Marylee Drake. I love the 3D petals of the flower and the wings of the dragonfly.

"The Thread of Life" is shown here, by Jean Overmeyer.

This is "With the Passing Days" by Marie-Jose' Michel. I really liked the design of this quilt. She used fabric printed with irises for the irises, fabric printed with wisteria for the wisteria, etc. I enjoyed the effects she created with the non-printed fabrics more, like the cascading leaves and cherry blossoms. It's interesting how some quilts are better seen up close and some better from a distance.

Looking at all the quilts really gave me a lot to think about. Sometimes my immediate reaction was WOW! and then I tried to stand back and figure out what made it a WOW quilt.
~Lin Moon

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