Saturday, October 07, 2006

A few more buttons

Here is another button picture, along with another way to display buttons. Since I have so many buttons (I used to collect them) and they used to just sit in a box in the closet, I wanted them out where I could see them. I used a shadowbox frame - it's about an inch and a half deep. The buttons are mounted on cardboard, which is covered with batting, then fabric. I stitch back and forth thru the fabric edges on the back to make it nice and tight all around. I use an awl to punch a hole thru the fabric, batting and cardboard, insert the button shank, then wrap a pipe cleaner or telephone wire thru the shank, spreading out the ends to secure the button in its place.


Susan said...

Another beautiful button! I was just looking at the Evening Star site, at the buttons. There are a couple there I really would like to have. I may give in to temptation. If I do, it's your fault. =)

Lin Moon said...

I totally and completely accept all the blame - ha ha. So, of course, that also means that when you buy the gorgeous button or two and use them, I also get the credit? "Yes, well, I HAD to buy them:LinMoon MADE me."

Pam Kellogg said...

Lin Moon, your buttons are gorgeous! And thank you so much for the tutorial on making the pin. I did a couple of them a few years back but it was a great reminder that I could do this for my crazyquilts!