Saturday, October 28, 2006


Here's a seam treatment from a UFO I found in my sewing room. I don't know how I got my stitches so even. The basting stitches indicate this was supposed to be a purse, but I don't remember a thing about it. I like the combination of blues, turquoise and purple (my favorite color too, Pat W.) but can't figure out why I added in a maroon. Do you ever find UFOs and you don't even like the colors or style you chose? Maybe that's why it's a UFO. Sometimes I find something I made 10 years ago and think "how did I do that? - I couldn't do that today" - almost as if someone snuck into my room and hid their UFOs. That's it, there are evil (or creative) ufo elves, sneaking up on us.

not really paranoid in LA,


Marty52 said...

Well, whenever you did it, I really like it! The colors are to die for!

Susan said...

I love the seam. I'm thinking maybe we should organize a UFO swap among webring members! =)