Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm back with another CQ seam

Here is the latest seam on my CQ kimono. The fabric on the top was my mom's - it's a chirimen(sp?) silk - just lovely; I only have a few scraps of it left.
Well, I was gone to my niece's wedding in South Carolina - where Southern Hospitality is alive and well. Everyone there was so nice - our family made up about 5% of all the people at the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception, so we were always sitting with people we didn't know (my brother and I). I hate those times when you sit at a table with strangers who aren't the least bit interested in talking to others. But this wasn't like that at all and it was loads of fun. Hope you've been happily stitching away....

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Susan said...

And you got to see your sister happily married. The weather there seems to have been nice lately.

I love the seam. You always manage to do things I wouldn't try because they wouldn't look right. When you do them, they look great!