Friday, August 25, 2006

Another CQ seam (redo Day 19) & Button Wreath

Here is one of my seam treatments. I had woven the herringbone stitches with some velour, like in SharonB's day 19, but it was too heavy , so I went with a more lightweight thread for the weaving and added some embellishment also. The blackish cord Sharon used for her weaving seems to be useful in so many ways. I'd like to know what exactly that is. Sharon, if you're reading this, can you tell us more about your cord?

I have mentioned before that I got a lot of buttons from my grandmother, and when she died no one else wanted them, so I got more. I had so many mother of pearl buttons; they are so pretty and just sat in a drawer, so I made a wreath out of them. I wrapped a wreath form with some gold ribbon, then glue-gunned the buttons on. Hot-melt glue peels right off of pearl, so if I ever want to use them for something else, they aren't ruined or anything. I really like the cat and the bird buttons.


Susan said...

Cool button wreath, what a nice way to have this memory of your mother out in sight.

I like the seam treatment, too. I never know what to do with those fabrics that are so busy.

Conni said...

Love that button wreath - beautiful!

May Britt said...

What a lovely way to use your buttons. I also inherited my grandmothers buttonbox. Now I am making a crazy quilt where I am going to use some of the buttons.
I remember playing with the buttons when I was a little girl.

Lillian said...

I love your button wreath! More close ups? They are great.

Ribbonwiz said...

What a great way to display the buttons..
Sure looks better than leaving them in a jar..

Brenda L. Minor said...

I LOVE IT!! And I think your grandmother would love it, too. What a wonderful way to rmember her. Brenda Minor