Monday, August 21, 2006

Iris Susan's Trellis seam treatment

When I saw this seam treatment of Iris Susan's I fell in love with it and just had to try it. It looks oriental to me, so I put it on one of my kimono seams. Check out the rest of her seam treatments - they are wonderful! Here is my version

I found it very hard to get all those lines perpendicular and even - although I used a template to help me.

Have you ever volunteered for something once, only to have it end up being your job forever? My church has a Holiday Boutique every year in November. About 4 years ago I was in charge of it and have made lots of items to sell each year. Last year a good friend of mine was in charge and I wanted to make sure she had a successful one, so I made over 100 ornaments for it. All the money goes to various charities - battered women's shelter, etc. so it's all for a good cause. Most of my ornaments involved stitching of only the simplest kind - a little SRE and some blanket/buttonhole stitching around a felt ornament, for instance. It was a way for me to be creative and have my creations DO something, not just sit in a closet somewhere. The market for these items was very limited though; items over $20 never sell well and cute items fared better than sophisticated ones. Well this year I share the responsibility with 3 other women. And this year all I want to do is CQ! Now that I've gotten back into it, thanks to Sharon B (and her inaminuteago blog) I feel so much like I've found my niche. But I feel like I will always be expected to make tons of stuff for the boutique. I get so involved in Oct/Nov with the Boutique that my garden is neglected (and looks it) and life is just sort of putting out fires. I, too would like to take Sharon's encrusted class, but I wouldn't be able to do it justice if I signed up just before the Boutique. and learn, I guess. I'm not the kind of person to sign up for something and then not do it, but I am just sooooo jazzed about CQ! Feeling selfish and guilty at the same time......


Susan said...

Did you sign up again this year, or is it just presumed that you will do it. Maybe it's time to offer the opportunity to someone else. =)

I love that treatment! I will try it myself in a day or two. Thanks for the link to her site. I hope she has a blog. I'm not crazy about flickr.

Iris said...

Lin Moon, thank you for such a lovely compliment! The Trellis is a gorgeous seam treatment isn't it and fun to stitch too.

Your stitching is lovely! Is this a special project? Hope you share more pics.

Do you have Carole Samples book (that's where I got the pattern) "Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches"? It's a wonderful book!

I can relate to volunteering for a job and doing it lot in life it seems!

Iris Susan

Lin Moon said...

Yes, I have Carole Sample's book and just looked through it last week, but definitely wasn't paying enough attention, because I missed it. I wonder how many other things I missed? Thanks for telling me your source; I will pour over it with a fine-toothed comb next time.

About my volunteering woes - it's just sort of assumed that once you've done it, you'll always contribute, since that's what all the older women have done for years....