Sunday, August 27, 2006

Shoppping Jackpot & Button Wreath Closeups

I hit the shopping Jackpot! Yesterday I went to my local JoAnn ETC. (fabric/craft store) and they were selling discontinued samples from their home dec department. So there were lots of silky, shiny wonderful fabrics. Each sample was an 18" square and was 50 cents! Perfect for CQ! I avoided the thicker fabrics that were for unholstering a couch, but got some lovely golds, creams, greens and blues.

In response to a request for more Button Wreath close-ups, here are a few.

I love the way mother of pearl can look white, creamy, peach and rainbow....


Susan said...

What a buy! I think my closest JoAnn's is probably Bismarck, 130 miles away. But in a couple of weeks, I'll probably pass one somewhere!

The buttons are just gorgeous. I remember going to an antique store that had old buttons really cheaply, and I only bought a few. What a dunderhead!

Lillian said...

Thanks so much for posting close ups. What a neat idea this is! I think I might want to do this with all of my vintage MOP buttons. (With your permission of course!)

I absolutely LOVE the button that is shaped like an acorn! Adorable!

Ribbonwiz said...

What gorgeous buttons!
I love the MOP buttons, there's something special about them that always takes me back to years back when most buttons were MOP, and how each one can have it's own colour hue..

Maureen said...

I absolutely love MoP buttons.I was born in Broome which was a pearling centre in the north west of Western Australia and I think I absorbed the love of pearls and pearlshell from a very early age.
Those carved ones are to die for.