Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Day 7 & Fabulous Fiber Fest 2006

Here is my version of Day 7. (I think there was too much sun - the brown is a little washed out) See SharonB's Day 7 here. I'm so glad I bought those tiny sequins way back when. Those are red seed beads on top of the tiny gold sequins. The black fiber is a Rainbow Gallery tubular pantyhose-like fiber, woven through a backstitch. The bugle beads up the right side are one of my subtle seam treatments.

I'm so excited - this weekend is the Fabulous Fiber Fest and bead show in Santa Monica. I will be going on Saturday and can't wait. Anyone else in the area planning to attend?


Susan said...

I'm jealous, jealous, jealous! I think my friend Fran mentioned that she is going with a couple of her friends, too. I didn't plan this right, or I would be there *this* week instead of the first week of August. =( But who knew I'd decide to go wild for CQ after a lapse of several years? =) Have a great time!

Susan said...

Oh, and the seam looks great, too! I like the little bugles up the side.